stop the gop agenda: STARTING at

The Greenbrier.

Trump and the whole GOP Congress and a bunch of GOP governors will be meeting in a gated luxury resort on their 2018 plan to screw regular Americans and keep paying off their billionaire backers.


join us in west virginia & Tell them LOUD and Clear: 

Hell No.


Hands off our People:

We’re fighting for legal and human rights for all immigrants.


Hands off our Medicaid, Social Security, and survival benefits.


We’re fighting for healthcare, pensions, food and housing for all.


Hands Off Our Bodies

We’re fighting for women’s rights, equality, safety, and healthcare.


Stop Infrastructure for Billionaires.


Start jobs and transportation for everybody.
We’re fighting to stop privatization plans and build for the public good.


Repeal the GOP TAX SCAM & Replace the GOP

We’re fighting to roll back their tax breaks for billionaires and Wall Street.


Hands off our voting rights

We’re fighting for a stronger democracy everywhere.



Green energy & new jobs all across America

We’re fighting for climate justice, clean water & our family farms.


Great public schools for all kids – Dump DeVos

We’re fighting for schools and teachers and our future.