it's a bust for families.
this plan is a scam.


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Upcoming Actions


Capitol Hill Direct Action
december 5th

Thousands of regular Americans will travel to Washington for a massive direct action protest to Stop the Trump Tax Scam. 

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RALLY Against Muslim Ban + Tax Scam and Fight for DREAM Act
december 7th

Join the New York Immigration Coalition, MPower Change, Strong Economy for All, and our partners in Washington Square Park to rally and then march against the Muslim Ban and the Tax Scam, and stand for a DREAM Act!


Capitol hill direct action
December 13

Women from around the country lead the fight against the tax scam with mass rallies, protest and civil disobedience


Capitol hill direct action
december 18th

Doctors, nurses, med students, health professionals and Americans living with ALS fight for our lives.  #ListenToAdy


Biggest Losers

The biggest losers are working class families from across the country.  Most families making less than $75,000 per year will pay more taxes, not less.  Millions will lose healthcare, and millions more will face cuts to Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security.


It's Wrong.

Most Americans want the wealthy to pay their fair share.  We want to close the loopholes that benefit big banks and hedge funds.  We want to reduce inequality – and we don’t want our health care cut.


We Can Stop This Scam

The tax plan is really unpopular.  Most Americans recognize it’s a giveaway to the wealthy, to multinational corporations, and to Wall Street bankers.  Our representatives in Congress should listen to all of us – not just their greedy campaign contributors.